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Your dream is going to come true with us: guided Segway tours in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with ZUZU! We have exclusive rights for Segway tours in Safari Ramat Gan, Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem and many other wonderful places.
Segway tour is the most fun and exciting way to enjoy your time outdoors.

Segway Tours that ZUZU offers excel any expectations and provide a new level of professional approach. Using latest technologies (it will be a surprise for you on the tour) and only highly qualified guides we take you on a ride that will be fun, safe and exciting!
Just call us to book a tour, we will do the rest!
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Companies Fun Days

Want to organize an amazing activity that your workers will remember with a smile? You are in the right place, because what can be more fun and uniting than a Segway tour? We have an experience in organizing tours for small and big groups and we care about details to make sure you have the best experience ever!

Segway for Rent

No matter what your plans are – just to enjoy the freshness and quietness of a green park in Tel Aviv or to see as many attractions as possible in a hilly Jerusalem – your best solution is to rent a Segway and to have a great time with no feeling of exhaustion or lack of time.
You will see how fun it is!

Sales Promotion with Segway

ZUZU Segways have proven to be an outstanding provider of creative solutions when it comes to BTL-marketing. Combining such an innovative and nature-friendly vehicle as Segway and the ability to think out of the box we are able to deliver your message in the most efficient way that will definitely drag attention to your brand.

Segway for Sale

We offer you to buy this new piece of technology and to enjoy easy and nature-friendly ride. You can choose a second-hand Segway that will cost you  18.000 or brand new model which costs  35.000. You will enjoy this truly amazing vehicle that will help you avoid any kind of traffic and will help saving money on fuel by being fully electrical.

New cities and new Segway tours soon!

Glided with ZUZU:

A client is always right...

"I am not a sporty person and never thought I will be able to drive segway... But it is so simple and so intuitive, that I forgot all my fears after one minute on it!"

Ruth, 48 years old, Israeli